6 ) McDonald’s

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McDonald’s Corp. takes part in the procurement of sustenance administration retail. Its exercises incorporate establishment and operation of McDonald’s eateries all inclusive. The eateries offers a scope of sustenance menu including burgers and cheeseburgers, filet, french fries, servings of mixed greens, sundaes, pies and in addition beverages and others. It works through the accompanying geological sections: United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Other Countries and Corporate including Canada, Latin America and Corporate. The organization was established by Ray Kroc on April 15, 1955 and is headquartered in Oak Brook, IL.

Market Cap As of May 2015 :-$92.5 Billion

Ticker :-MCD $99.37 $-0.17 (-0.002%)

Industry :-Restaurants

Founded :-1955

Country :-United States

CEO :-Stephen Easterbrook

Website :-

Employees :-420,000

Sales :-$27.44 B

Headquarters :- Oak Brook, Illinois

Revenue :-$27.44 B

Assets :-$34.28 B

Profits :-$4.76 B


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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. takes part in the assembling and offer of electronic items. The firm works through the accompanying business divisions: Consumer Electronics (CE), Information Technology & Mobile Communications (IM), and Device Solutions (DS). The CE business division gives HQ TV, screen, printer, aeration and cooling systems, fridges, clothes washers, and medicinal gadgets. The IM business division offers handheld items, correspondence frameworks, PCs, and advanced cameras. The DS business division contains memory, framework huge scale incorporated circuit, and light emanating diode. The organization was established on January 13, 1969 and is headquartered in Suwon, South Korea.

Market Cap As of May 2015:-$199.4 Billion

Industry ;-Semiconductors

Founded :-1969

Country :- South Korea

CEO:- Oh-Hyun Kwon

Website :-

Employees :-235,999

Sales :-$195.89 B

Headquarters :- Suwon

Revenue :-$195.89 B

Assets :-$209.64 B

Profits :-$21.93 B

8 ) Toyota Motors


Toyota Motor Corp. takes part in the assembling and offer of engine vehicles and parts. It works through the accompanying sections: Automotive Operations, Financial Services, and All Other. The Automotive Operations section plans, fabricates, amasses and offers traveler autos, minivans, trucks, and related vehicle parts and adornments. It is likewise included in the improvement of savvy transport frameworks (ITS). The Financial Services section offers buy or lease financing to Toyota vehicle merchants and clients. It likewise gives retail renting through lease contracts buy by merchants. The All Other section manages the configuration and assembling of pre-assembled lodging, data innovation related organizations that incorporates a web entry for vehicles data called, and deals advancements for KDDI correspondence related items. The organization was established by Kiichiro Toyoda on August 28, 1937 and is headquartered in Toyota, Japan.

Market Cap As of May 2015 :- $239 Billion

Industry :- Auto & Truck Manufacturers

Founded :- 1937

Country :- Japan

CEO :- Akio Toyoda

Website :-

Employees :- 338,875

Sales :- $252.19 B

Headquarters :- Toyota

Revenue :- $252.19 B

Assets :- $389.69 B

Profits :- $19.12 B

9 ) General Electric


General Electric Co. is an innovation and monetary administrations organization that creates and fabricates items for the era, transmission, appropriation, control and use of power. Its items and administrations incorporate flying machine motors, power era, water preparing, security innovation, medicinal imaging, business and shopper financing, media content and modern items. The organization works through eight sections: Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Home & Business Solutions and GE Capital. The Power & Water portion serves power era, mechanical, government and different clients worldwide with items and administrations identified with vitality generation. The Oil & Gas section supplies mission discriminating gear for the worldwide oil and gas industry, utilized as a part of utilizations crossing the whole esteem chain from boring and fulfillment through creation, condensed common gas and pipeline pressure, pipeline assessment, and downstream preparing in refineries and petrochemical plants. The Energy Management portion gives coordinated electrical items and frameworks used to circulate, secure and control vitality and gear. It make electrical dispersion and control items, lighting and force boards, switchgear and circuit breakers that are utilized to appropriate and oversee power in an assortment of private, business, buyer and mechanical applications. The Aviation portion delivers, offers and administrations plane motors, turboprop and turbo shaft motors, and related new parts for utilization in military and business flying machine. Its military motors are utilized as a part of a wide mixture of air ship including contenders, planes, tankers, helicopters and observation air ship and in addition marine applications. The Healthcare fragment gives social insurance advancements, for example, therapeutic imaging and data advances, restorative diagnostics, patient observing frameworks, sickness exploration, drug disclosure and biopharmaceutical assembling advances. This section predicts and distinguishes sickness prior; observing its advancement and illuminating doctors, and helping doctors tailortreatment for patients. The Transportation fragment gives innovation answers for clients in different commercial enterprises, which incorporate railroad, travel, mining, oil and gas, power era and marine. It likewise gives arrangement of administration offerings intended to enhance armada proficiency and lessen working costs, including repair administrations, train upgrades, modernizations, and data based administrations like remote observing and diagnostics. The Home & Business Solutions puts resources into the improvement of separated items, for example, vitality effective answers for both shoppers and organizations. Its items incorporate real apparatuses and subsets of lighting items are basically coordinated to customer applications, while other lighting items and robotization arrangements are coordinated towards business and modern applications. The GE Capital section’s administrations incorporate business advances and leases, armada administration, money related projects, home advances, Visas, individual advances and other budgetary administrations. It gives its administrations to all sizes of organizations around the world. The organization was established by Thomas A. Edison in 1878 and is headquartered in Fairfield, CT.

Market Cap As of May 2015 :- $253.5 Billion

Ticker :- GE $25.79 $0.29 (0.011%)

Industry :- Conglomerates

Founded :- 1892

Country :- United States

CEO :- Jeffrey Immelt

Website :-

Employees :- 305,000

Sales :- $148.45 B

Headquarters :- Fairfield, Connecticut

Revenue ;- $148.45 B

Assets ;- $648.35 B

Profits :- $15.22 B

10 ) Facebook


Facebook, Inc. is an interpersonal interaction administration and site. It plans to make the world more transparent. Individuals use Facebook to stay joined with their loved ones, to find what is going ahead in their general surroundings, and to share and express what makes a difference to them to the individuals they think about.. The organization offers promoters an one of a kind mix of achieve, pertinence, social setting, and engagement to upgrade the estimation of their advertisements. Its administrations incorporate timetable, news food, messages, records, ticker and portable applications. Facebook was established by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris R. Hughes and Eduardo Saverin on February 4, 2004 and is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.

Market Cap As of May 2015 :- $231.6 Billion

Ticker :- FB $93.44 $0.98 (0.01%)

Industry :- Computer Services

Founded :- 2004

Country :- United States

CEO :- Mark Zuckerberg

Website :-

Employees :- 9,199

Sales :- $12.47 B

Headquarters :- Menlo Park, California

 Revenue :-$12.47 BAssets :- $40.18 B

Profits :- $2.93 B


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